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Primary contacts
These individuals should be contacted first for any questions relating to their area of expertise. If you have specific questions about using models or map textures you can contact the mapper or modeller directly and save time. If you are unsure of who to contact, please contact the people listed below and they can either answer your questions or direct you to the proper person.
Nickname Area of expertise
Black Monk Organization / Coordination of the Team
CannonFodder Interviews and info / File mirrors
Makro Coding
T.T.I. Mapping
IRC channels
Looking for help? Or somebody to play with? Feel free to come and have a chat with the other players in the community and the developers in our IRC channel.
Network Channel
irc.enterthegame.com #reactionquake3 (Official channel)
irc.quakenet.org #rq3.eu (European channel)
Active team members
This team listing will never be totally complete. The transient nature of Boomstick Studios has meant that some early contributors and team members have moved on to bigger and better things - long before anyone kept track of who they were. Hopefully we have been able to give credit where credit is due for most of these individuals.
Nickname Contribution
Black Monk Organization / Documentation
Blaze Coder
CannonFodder Public Relations / File mirror coordinator
Centurion Design / Mapper
guyincognito Mapper
JBravo Coder (2001-)
Lognoreng Mapper
Makro Coder (2003-) / UI design / Mapper / AI programming
Spyder Mapper / Art / Sounds / Music
T.T.I. Web programming and design (2005-) / Mapper (2001-) / Modeller / Skinner
voodoochopstiks Mapper
WarMachine Mapper
Active beta testers
This list of contributors from the RQ3 community is by no means complete.
Nickname Contribution
Edge Crusher Beta tester
EvilFutsin Beta tester / Created RQ3 2.0 trailer / Weapon replacements
FragBait Beta tester
Gimp Beta tester
Homicide Beta tester / Mapper
jopes Beta tester / Mapper
zakath Beta tester / Mapper
Inactive team members
Our salute to the team members who have since moved on to new projects.
Nickname Contribution
aasimon Coder (2002-)
AgtOrange Coder
Alice Tester
Birdman Player and weapon models / Skinner
Bragoblin Player modeller / Skinner / Animator (Raver player model)
Cloud Lead weapon and ammo modeller / Skinner / Animator
C00T Web design / Management
eLDeR_MMHS Coder / Additional artwork / Web development
Fiction Tester
Freud Coder (2002-)
Frost Skinner (almost all the Grunt skins) / Animator
Gabe Concept art
Hexydes Mapper
Irby Mapper
JodoCoW Tester
Johnny Rocket Design / Mapper / Modeller / Animation
Lath Web programming / Development
Lt.Hawkins Coder / Consultant
NiceAss Coder (2001-)
Nicodem-X Radio sounds
Prime Design / Writing
Psychotakes Tester / Server admin / Web
R0ok Ammo Modeller / Skinner
Shaymon Mapper / Object modeller
Shenka Graphic design / Web design (2001-2002)
Shmitz Mapper
sLiCeR Coder (2002-)
Sonic128 Player / Weapon modeller
SpecOps Lead design / Sounds
Sze Mapper / Tester
S'kebe Design / Writing
Trollstomp Concept art
Tsunami Coder
Wiuve Replacement weapon modeller
Inactive beta testers
Our salute to the beta testers who have since moved on to new projects.
Nickname Contribution
arild Beta tester / Vault maintainer
ColdMiser Beta tester
Commodore Beta tester
DuD Beta tester
Gleaker Beta tester
GoKu Beta tester / Server admin / File mirror coordination
JesterRace Beta tester / Mapper
Karmann Beta tester / Made 2.x, 3.x installers
Mud Beta tester
Over Kill Beta tester / Server admin / File mirror coordination
^Proto Beta tester
ShishKabob Beta tester
Slatfats Beta tester
Spook Beta tester / Mapping
WizardExt Beta tester
Wook!eBoy Beta tester
We wouldn't be where we are if not for the contributions of the following blokes who have since moved on to other projects.
Nickname Contribution
Arachon Player config and script examples (docs)
God Inc. Mapper
Henri "Leon" Tervapuro AK-47 replacement model
Jaymz "LST" Plummer Beretta replacement model
Jesper Kyd RQ3 music
MoP Player modeller / Skinner / Animator / Beta tester
Oddjob Handcannon model
Preacher Graphics / Web stuff (2002-2003)
Presenter New SSG scopes
Robstercraws You tell me
Ronin{Triad} Player animations
Smoke Mapper
SnipE Original AQ2 weapon descriptions (docs) used in RQ3 manual
Zay Contributor / Tournament and QuakeCon help
Zenogaist-Zero M3S replacement model